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I pressed the heels of my palms to my eyes, “they were all consequences due to my actions. All I had to do was follow the rules!” I screamed to the air.

2004, 2016

You may hate me for this – but I guess I can live with that.

This blog post may make you hate me - especially if you disagree with my standing. You may chose to unfriend me, block me, never buy or read any of my books again... and I

2101, 2016

To My Loves Cover Reveal AND Giveaway!

✩✩✩ Cover Reveal ✩✩✩ To My Loves By Jen Cousineau Cover design by G's Creative Ink Models: Corinne Grinwald, Kaylynn Cousineau, & Lilly Cousineau Release Date: April 12, 2016   Cover Reveal ‪GIVEAWAY! TWO - To

2508, 2015

It’s Live!

Join the party here! GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24818506-hell-s-flower Synopsis: Raven Two people. That's how it usually starts right? I grew up believing one thing, only for one day to completely mess up everything I've ever been taught.

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